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Xtabentun D'Aristi

Xtabentun D'Aristi

25 EUR

The production process for this traditional Yucatan liqueur goes back to a drink used by the ancient Mayan in their religious festivities, and which continued to evolve even after the Spanish conquest.

Xtabentun is made from the xtabentun's flower nectar, honey from local bees, cane alcohol and anise, diluted in demineralized water, resulting in a highly aromatic drink suitable to serve as either an apéritif or digestif. As well is a fantastic ingredient for unique cocktails.

This liquor is a very precious drink not only for locals in Yucatan but around the World, as it comes from a very important region of Mexico as well as difficult to access. Taking Xtabentun out of Merida (capital city of the State of Yucatan) is quite a task!

30% Alcohol - 700ml bottle.
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